Living a Cooking Class experience in Catania with Myda Cooking School

Enjoying your summer cooking class with MYDA cooking school in Catania, Sicily, Italy.

Over the summer we are pretty focused on people enjoy experiencing during their vacation Market Tours and Hands-on Sicilian Cooking Classes in Catania, Sicily, Italy.

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Myda Cooking Class Catania Loredana CrisafiAre you interesting in taking Cooking Class for Private or Groups?

Learn to Cook Sicilian Cuisine.

We offer:

  • Cooking Class for Private or Groups;
  • Traditional Sicilian Cooking Class;
  • Visits to the local Market;
  • Birthday Party;
  • Personal Chef;
  • Pop-Up/Home Restaurant;
  • Bakery Cooking Class;
  • BBQ Party;
  • …whatelse?

Myda Locations List.

  • Myda Cooking School, Catania
  • Myda B&B, in Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, near Taormina >> READ MORE ;
  • At a Winery on the slopes of the Etna Volcano;
  • “Rosemarine” Farm Holidays (one of Myda Partner), in Nunziata di Mascali, Giarre, near Catania;
  • …wherever you would like

Myda Cooking Class Catania Myda Cooking Class a Catania Alimenti e Paesaggi Myda Cooking Class a Catania Loredana CrisafiLiving a Cooking Class experience in Sicily, means appreciate both the nutritional aspects of Italian Cuisine – in particular of the Sicilian one – and experience its culinary tradition.

The Mediterranean diet is the most recommended diet of the world due to its principal aspects: scientists published a lot of articles pointing out relationship between the introduction of Mediterranean diet in our lifestyle and the reduction of diseases.

Sicily own an heritage of landscapes, wine and wonderful products of nature, that add to the culinary tradition give the opportunity to create wonderful dishes in terms of colours and taste.

Just to mention a few products: Bronte’s Pistachio, Nero d’Avola “the most important red wine grape in Sicily”, the Pizzuta Avola almond, Marsala wine, Pantelleria’s capers, Sicilian red oranges….

We provide cooking lessons for typical Italian dishes like: Bolognese sauce, tagliatelle, lasagne, carbonara, pesto, panna cotta, tiramisù….and Sicilian specialty like: cannoli with ricotta cheese, sarde a beccafico, caponata, pasta alla Norma, Sicilian arancini, typical meat or fish dishes and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Attend a Cooking Class in Catania!

Are you a group of people, are you looking for a private lunch or dinner with a show cooking? No Problem we can organize that, as well!

Thanks to our Cooking Class in Catania you will get the opportunity to share brilliant moments of your trip with your own group or if alone with other people who share your same cooking passion. Let’s live this fantastic experience together!


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