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A love for cooking with a pinch of fantasy, garnished with enthusiasm and professionalism: these are the necessary ingredients for MYDA.

Myda Catering Catania, scuola di cucina, wedding plannerThe purpose of MYDA Catania Cooking School, Catering & Banqueting, Wedding Planners & Events is to promote and develop a passion for the culinary arts, rediscovering the pleasure of savouring the taste of the past and present.

In addition to cooking school and catering services, MYDA Catania offers organizational services. Entrust to Myda the planning and organization of your event or wedding and we’ll take care of all your needs.

Here at MYDA Catania, we are faithful to the Italian and Sicilian tradition, honoring it in all its forms. This is why we are happy to arrange, with the utmost care and attention, all the important events of your life, whether personal or professional. MYDA Catania is also a point of reference for catering and banqueting services for your special events and wedding in Sicily. MYDA Catania will be able to offer you any kind of service at any location, from the great historical villa, to your home.

The expertise and experience in the catering sector make MYDA Catania a safe choice for the success of your event. MYDA Catania has a team of certified wedding planners who will be able to guide you in the organization and planning of your special day.

MYDA Catania’s team has the competence of many years of experience, not only in organizing events, but also in catering and banqueting in Sicily. MYDA Catania in Sicily is a reference point for Cooking School, Catering and Banqueting, Event and Wedding Planners.

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